airship_by_mrainbowwj-d5k1cs8.jpg Espitrona is a world divided by water and power. Those that trust in steam power fly, while those that trust in cybernetics swim.

As above, so below.

The world was never such a divided place. Once upon a time both seemed to live side-by-side, that is until the second moon came causing the great melt and blame to be cast from one side to another.

As above, so below.

Now, it is up to the players to choose what side they will follow, or make the choice of the unknown….
….Finding out what really caused the great melt and learning why new abilities, that the people call magic, are now starting to surface on this once plain world.

As above, so below. atlantis__cover_book_project_by_as07-d4ye830.jpg

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