~Era of Friendship

Once separated from distance the races within the world didn’t have the ability to co-mingle with one another until the use of craft was invented. The planet found steam technology, and with steam the means for quicker transportation and easy trades. All rejoiced and the planet lived through what most would call a golden era.

~Times of Change

Although the planet had steam power, some thought it wasn’t enough. They needed, no they wanted more. So the research continued to grow and grow until they had a breakthrough with cybernetics. The planet can now replace lost limbs and create artificial beings to do the bidding of the peoples. Some thought this foolish and turned a blind eye on those creating cyber technology. They continued on with the steam power, thinking that it was just enough. Flying cities started to come into the picture. One place after another got the wings and steam power to sail up into the sky, taking with parts of the land. Those with cyber power looked up with awe at the floating cities, aspiring to do just the same. Time after time they created the technology, but it just wasn’t the same. It would never be as pretty as the cities in the sky. After time, they gave up on recreating the flying cities and focused on more intense studies for cybernetics.

~Purge of the Land

As the years slipped by and generations gave birth to more, the land began to fade, and wither. It started to become barren and toxic to live on. Those with cybernetics pleaded those in the sky for a safe haven. For good food and untainted water, but with no reply. As the pleas were left to the clouds those that studied cybernetics turned to a different notion to sustaining life. Domes that could withstand the odd weather patterns and help sustain life on the surface of the planet. With much success done after dome was created for the cities on the planet. Life began to flourish even more. The steam users never heard the pleas of the cybernetics from the surface of the planet. They were to busy researching a new found object heading for the planet. So many questions were arisen from what it was, to what it would to to the planet as it went by. Life among the clouds continued on through the studies, flourishing as well.

~The Second Moon

The planet began to gain more and more water. The edges on the land shrunk as the water rose. Those with cybernetics attempted to study the means as to why it would happen suddenly. Those in the clouds began to panic as they turned eyes from the sky to the land, seeing the rapidly rising water and the land mass shrinking. They tried to send messages back to the planet below, but with no answer in return. In a manner of days the object in the sky was in full mass near the planet. Most of the planet now lay under the mass of water. The people in the clouds panicked as the messages still were not answered. Weeks seemed to pass before they got a confirmation that people below survived the floods. The message stated that one-third of the domes had been breached and people lost, but the rest seemed to have taken little to no damage. With a sounding of joy the people in the clouds would reply the strange moon that now stood near the planet and that it was to blame for what had happened. The cybernetics didn’t trust the story. They began to think that perhaps the ones with steam power liked being the only ones left, that perhaps they had created the strange moon they spoke of. It was stated, “why else would they have built flying cities if not to drown us.” Weeks passed as the bickering went back and forth until an agreement was suggested about a council called “Technocrats,” that would be the ones to talk negotiations over on what land was left above the water.

~Treaty of Peace?

The years dragged on as the two different sections of the planet talked and disagreed about nearly everything but trade. As the time ran on, the planet began to grow again in life. New sea creatures were created, trees and grass began to grow again upon the land. The ones in the sky created new technology to travel underwater, while the cybernetics attempted to rebuild the glory that they once had, with little luck. Most of the greatest minds were lost and more than half the research gone to the water, forever hidden in the ruins of destroyed domes.

~Magical Happenings

Even more generations were born and buried, yet still no real peace was reached among the two sections. Beings everywhere started to notice odd happenings and strange effects. Random fireballs, or gusts of wind at muttering a few simple words showed up. They took note and began to experiment with these new findings. The term “Magic” coming up in books as the information was shared.


Once again more lived and died, still with nothing chosen, nothing set in stone. The use of magic stopped most study of cybernetics or steam power, the finding to be better than either usage.


Espitrona Arisa316