Steam VS Cyber

To clear the water on a few uncertain things between steam and cyber within this game.

A genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

Easy enough right?

Now for the cybernetic portion of this world….

A world built on one particular technology that is extrapolated to a highly sophisticated level.

Also easy, right? Not so much on this term. Yes, I am dealing with cyber issues, but they will be classified as “post-cyber-punk” rather than cyber-punk. What is the difference you ask? Well, within this story the cybernetic portion of world had risen to a point where robots, cyber limbs, AI systems, some nano technology, and other slightly more sophisticated means were met (Think along the lines of Ghost in the Shell), but seeing how it is “post” most of these means were lost when the various dome cities fell pray to the water. Now the underwater living is left mostly with a more post-apocalyptic look and feel while still retaining most ideals such as bladeforged (robotic), maintenance of limbs , and some computer skills.

Now, as stated above in the “example,” bladeforge do posses the ability to be either cyber powered or steam powered. The sky is the limit on the ideals the players may come up with during the play of this game.

I just hope this has helped settle any ideals that might have been slightly confused. If there are still questions, please contact me. :)

Steam VS Cyber

Espitrona Arisa316